Victory Records just issued Cro-Mags’ new video for “No One’s Victim,” a track from the band’s latest EP, Don’t Give In, which was released this past August. Real talk? The old school remains the bold school: In less than 100 seconds, New York hardcore institution Cro-Mags drive their point home in no uncertain terms.

“No One’s Victim” is a big deal because it’s the first new Cro-Mags clip in 27 years. (The last one was “The Path To Perfection” from 1992.) Culled from footage taken from the band’s last European tour and recent support openers for the godlike New Jersey horrorcore progenitors the Misfits, the video captures the energy of kinetic frontman/bassist Harley Flanagan as he leads the charge, aided by his bandmates—guitarists Gabby Abularach and Rocky George (Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone) and drummer Garry "G-Man" Sullivan. It’s a metal-punk crossover workout that takes no prisoners and stakes its claim accordingly in the most (broken) crystal-clear way possible.

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It’s simple, really. You want to play ball with Flanagan and co.? Well, they’ll ram the bat down your throat without breaking a sweat. Maybe your significant other can sew patches on a really cool cervical collar in case you enjoy this a little too much. But with Cro-Mags, well, too much never really is enough. 

In two weeks, the band’s next dose of unchecked attitude, a three-song EP titled From The Grave, will be out. Sometime during the first quarter of 2020, Cro-Mags will have a new full-length album shot forth into the world. Another big deal, as that will be the first album since the release of Revenge in 2000. Don’t cower to the power and be anybody’s victim. Hardcore is a full-contact sport, and you should be wearing a jersey with Flanagan’s name on it.