Crosley Radio has come out with another trend-setting record player. However, this one is tiny. So that means it’s cuter. With that being said, you will soon be able to own your own three-inch turntable, you know, if you really want something like that.

The special edition three-inch record player comes just in time for Record Store Day. To make things even better, it can all be yours for just 70 smacks.

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According to Digital Trends, the record player can only spin vinyl that holds about four minutes of music at a time. (That’s a lot of flipping if you ask us.) Perfect for single tracks and only single tracks, Epitaph and Jack White’s record label, Third Man will be pressing special one-track discs specifically for the launch.

Crosley also says that a steady stream of new music for the special turntable is to come from a Japanese vinyl manufacturer

Despite it all, the special edition Crosley seems to have everything a tiny record player needs to function. You can either power it through USB or by popping a few batteries in the little sucker. It comes complete with an Audio-Technica cartridge, a headphone jack, a built-in speaker, a pitch controller and a dust cover.

The special edition turntable will only be available at select record stores on April 13, or Record Store Day. Check it out below.


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This miniature 3-inch turntable from Crosley will be available on Record Store Day.

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However, this is not the first three-inch record player that Crosley tried to get to catch on. The design originally originated in Japan and was popular for playing TV jingles.

According to Homecrux, Jack White released 400 turntables of this nature and almost 1,000 singles in 2016. The last one supposedly sold for about 1,300 dollars.

What do you think of these tiny turntables? Sound off in the comments below.

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