Photo: Amy Buck

It's no secret that Crystalyne have become AP regulars with their pop-rock from the T Dot. We've been there for the band's EP-fueled growth spurts, many music videos and named them one of our 100 Bands You Need To Know. Naturally, we're stoked to welcome them back with a brand new single, "Air I Breathe."

Stream our exclusive premiere below and find it on iTunes, Spotify and more starting tomorrow:

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Singer Marissa Dattoli opened up to AP about pop perceptions and her inspiration: 

"2015 was a tough year for us as individuals. I'm gonna be honest about it, when we were writing the new material, I was coming out of a really dark place. Although the melodies and instrumentation for 'Air I Breathe' seem upbeat and poppy, the lyrical subject matter has a few deeper layers to it. Most of the time, what it sounds like I'm singing about, isn't actually what I'm singing about at all. The contrast between the feel of the song and the lyrical content really mirrors the split I feel in myself most days. I was in therapy last year for depression and anxiety. On the outside, I was still my usual happy self, but on the inside I wasn't connecting with anything and I had all of these intrusive negative thoughts. I feel like this song in particular really captures the essence of that, and I hope that anyone who hears it moving forward will find a little piece of themselves in it."