This is Flashback, where we’re reminiscing about some of the most iconic and obscure moments in alt-rock history. This week, we’re looking at when Cypress Hill and Travis Barker played “(Rock) Superstar” in 2010.

Cypress Hill are the hip-hop crew more likely to draw fans of metal and punk than rap. So, it makes sense that they released 2000’s Skull & Bones — an album that was half hip-hop (“Skull”) and half rock (“Bones”) — as nü metal was reaching its apex. That record contained their smash single “(Rock) Superstar,” a cathartic rager that proved Cypress Hill still knew how to write a hit as enduring as “Insane in the Brain.”

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Back in 2010, a decade after the album’s release, the hip-hop outfit invited blink-182’s Travis Barker onstage to drum on the song at their own Smokeout Festival in San Bernardino, California. (The band are, after all, ardent advocates of marijuana legalization.) Serving as their explosive closer, the performance saw Cypress Hill in high form. B-Real purifies the stage with a joint that’s thicker than a bundle of sage. There’s a guy ripping on an upright bass. Barker tears it up on the drums. It’s a great performance that remains captivating all these years later.

Check it out below.