Back in August, several women accused Blood On The Dance Floor’s Dahvie Vanity (aka Jesus David Torres) of sexual assault. Many of whom were underage at the time of the incident, spoke with MetalSucks for an exposé.

Earlier today, a dozen women (three of who also spoke with MetalSucks) spoke with Huffington Post to recount stories of Torres sexually assaulting them between 2006 and 2015.

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Torres was selling merchandise through Big Cartel. However, following the HuffPost article’s publication, Big Cartel has allegedly removed Torres’ merch store.

Sebastian Murdock and Jesselyn Cook wrote the HuffPost article. Murdock took to his personal Twitter account to report that Big Cartel has since dropped Torres’ account.

“JUST IN: After informing online merchandise store Big Cartel of Dahvie Vanity's numerous rape allegations, they told HuffPost they have decided to terminate their business with him.”

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Torres’ former bandmate Jayy Von Monroe spoke with HuffPost and is quoted in the story. After it was posted, he took to his own Twitter account to reflect on what was being reported.

“Is it still a ‘rumor’ when a national news distributor is outing you? You will pay for the women, and others you’ve hurt.”

Neither Big Cartel nor Torres have commented on the store’s removal.

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