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daine offers a first look at upcoming "Salt" video featuring Oli Sykes

Australian newcomer daine and Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes just dropped an exciting new collaboration with “Salt.” To get fans ready for the upcoming music video, the artists gave AltPress an exclusive first look at behind-the-scenes shots from the set.

The song came about when the two came into contact after admiring each other’s work for some time. Sykes and BMTH have previously released collaborations with other artists such as Jeris Johnson and Olivia O’Brien.

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[Photo via daine
“Salt” is daine’s first single since the release of boys wanna txt / dainecore. The song introduces a darker sound from the singer. Bright progressions, as heard on “Bloody Knees,” are replaced by heavy electronics and intense bass. Alongside emo lyrics and Sykes’ own screaming vocals, daine uses moody guitar progressions to propel the sound into rock territory.

With several themes presented in the track’s forthcoming imagery, daine hopes that fans can attach their own meanings to the song. Check out the electric collaboration and daine’s inspirations behind the track and upcoming music video below.

Can you tell us about the song? What were you going for with the track?

I think I’ve spent a long time feeling like music doesn’t hit the way it used to when I was a younger teenager. I wanted to break that cycle for myself and make something that feels intense and brand new but still nostalgic and emotionally destroying. “Salt” turned out to finally be that song for me.

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I know the video is a few weeks away, but can you give readers a hint of what to expect?

The aesthetics are really sick, but there’s a story there too and a few hints to some of my favorite things. I hope to see lots of different interpretations of the video.

What was it like collaborating with Oli Sykes for the track?

Honestly, so seamless and fun. He really understood the song straight away. When I sent over the demo, he sent back his verse overnight. I feel really lucky to have an emo veteran genius believing in what I’m working on, and I’m super inspired by the way Bring Me The Horizon is ever-evolving.

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You draw a lot from an interesting and wide range of classic genres. Can you talk a bit about your influences? 

I think, outwardly, my influences don’t make the most sense because I basically make pop music. But my early adolescence definitely felt like the golden years for how closely I connected with music. I loved all the Run For Cover bands, Jack Senff’s projects, David Bazan’s projects… I could make a big chart. But I think the only testament to my influence actually translating to my current music is the fact that multiple of my idols have hit me up to work. They sense that I was an emo kid somehow. And my music has been surprisingly well received by hardcore kids. Makes me happy.

What should fans expect next from you?

More music of course, but more frequently. My releases have been quite sparse, but in the coming months, I’ll step it up a bit. My sonic identity will become a lot clearer.

[Photo via daine