[Photo by: Instagram / @ajperdomo]

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has previously proven he has the best music taste, proclaiming his love for bands like the Wonder Years, Go Radio and the Dangerous Summer.

Now, the Dangerous Summer frontman AJ Perdomo just uploaded the best picture proving that they’re friends in real life, too.

Check out the adorable photo below!

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Earnhardt’s love for the band was revealed in this tweet earlier this year:

And now it’s clear their friendship is the best thing ever, complete with jams and brews at 10 a.m.—we just wish we were invited:

Plus, Earnhardt promised we're going to love the band's new music, making us all the more excited for 2018!

Dan 'Soupy' Campbell, lead singer of The Wonder Years, responded to Earnhardt’s original tweet, saying they would have to get the NASCAR driver out to a show sometime soon, and we would love to see a big NASCAR/music party happen sometime soon.

Of course, fans of the Dangerous Summer have plenty to be excited about, too. The band recently announced their reunion, with the promise for a new record in 2018.

"We heard our name echo throughout the world, and in some incredible places. We watched The Dangerous Summer live an entire life of its own without us," their official statement reads. "We were looking in from the outside, and it really put everything into perspective; those songs we wrote over the years really held their meaning."

According to their social media platforms, they are well on their way with new music, and we can’t wait to hear what their new album will have to offer.

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