[Photo by: MAKEOUT/Facebook]

Real Friends' Dan Lambton has shared a response to MAKEOUT's problematic song "Secrets," which goes in for a shock factor to get a point across about a breakup.

"Hello @makeoutofficial. Just here to tell you that you shouldn’t call women whores. There are a lot more creative ways of 'dissing' someone without sounding like a fucking third grader," Lambton writes.

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They lyrics are noticeably degrading and unapologetic, with lines including "everybody knows that you’re a bitch" and "you blew it with your bullshit you fucking whore."

Lambton's response is an effort to shed light on the change that is needed, not only by that particular band in that particular instance, but in the industry and world as a whole. As Lambton says: "There are much smarter, clever and generally decent ways to refer to people in these situations that don’t involve using derogatory terms."

And rather than simply pointing a finger, Lambton explains that he isn't perfect—"This is coming from someone who would make stupid fucking rape jokes at the expense of survivors... Sometimes you need a kick in the ass"—and he hopes that he can spread some awareness after learning from his own mistakes.

Read his thread of tweets below:

MAKEOUT responded to his series of tweets, saying they hope to meet with Lambton to talk more and "air out any grievances," which Lambton said he's looking forward to.