Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz has unveiled a new project dubbed Red Lamb, and the band's new video for "Puzzle Box" aims to raise awareness for children's autism. Via Rolling Stone:

"When Spitz and his wife, Candi, had identical twins, Brendan and Jaden, they were mystified by the unpredictable behavior of their boys. Even after the twins were diagnosed with autism, information was hard to come by. 'When our kids started to go backwards, because they weren't born autistic, we didn’t know where to go,' Spitz tells Rolling Stone. 'You have to be careful, because there are plenty of people selling snake oil. Back then, we got,'Your kid has to eat this way, and if he doesn't buy our product, he might die.' Once we found Autism Speaks – which was strictly, 'Here's your information' – it was a whole new world.'

Raising awareness of autism in the metal community was one of Spitz's inspirations for the song and its fact-filled video. 'I can understand why people are scared to talk [about autism] in other forms of music. But the way I was brought up in metal, that's what thrash metal was,' Spitz says. 'If you read our lyrics, it wasn't, 'Hey baby, I love you.' Whatever bothered us in every day life, that was Anthrax. So we did the same thing with 'Puzzle Box.' We were like, 'It's time. People need to know what we're living here.'"

The song was co-written and co-produced by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Check it out below.