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Dance Gavin Dance: “Every time I hear Tim in my head, it’s always him laughing”

April 13 marked an unfathomable day for Dance Gavin Dance. With the passing of their friend and longtime bassist Tim Feerick, the band found themselves in the midst of a crisis. In their AP cover story, Dance Gavin Dance do much more than break down the creation of their forthcoming 10th studio album, Jackpot Juicer. They also commemorate the life and work of Feerick, explaining their special bond and what he meant to them.

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Read an excerpt from AP #406’s cover story, written by Jeremy Price, below.

Tim’s passing may have brought the group lower than ever, but his last album also represents a hard-earned high point in their careers. So for now, one pressing question remains, as articulated by Mess in the lyrics of “Cream Of The Crop”: “We’re on the 10th/Is it the end?/Or chapter 2?” In other words, is this the end for Dance Gavin Dance, or a new beginning?

“In the future, the band is always excited to explore and make new things,” Mess says. “No one’s afraid of writing new music. That’s where we always shine — getting together to make stuff, and have a lot of fun doing it.”

While fans can likely expect new music down the line, for now, DGD are staying plenty busy. They’re currently headlining a U.S. spring tour, then supporting Coheed And Cambria throughout the summer, and finally heading to Europe in September. It’s an exciting series of opportunities to expand their already growing fanbase, and share Feerick’s legacy with the world.

No matter what happens next, however, Feerick’s indelible mark on Dance Gavin Dance, both musically and personally, will remain strong. “Every time I hear him in my head, it’s always this laughing,” Mess says with a faint smile. “We all have bunks on the bus, and Tim would be in his bunk a lot with the curtain thing closed. Then you’d say something to someone, and you’d hear this guy going, ‘Hahaha!’ Like, ‘I thought you were asleep, Tim!’ But no, he’s just laughing by himself in his bunk.”

And who can say for sure? Maybe, somewhere, Tim isn’t asleep after all. Maybe he’s still listening, smiling, laughing with his friends — from just beyond the curtain. 

You can read the full cover story in issue 406, available here or above.