FILE UNDER: Nü-Metal Apologists

ROCKS LIKE: Linkin Park, Sworn In, My Ticket Home

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: The ongoing homage to Noughties nü metal remains intact from Dangerkids’ 2013 debut, Collapse, updated with occasionally spooky electronics and just enough emo vulnerability to allow for a closing ballad (“Invincible Summer”). What’s really different is that during the long wait for this sophomore set, this Dayton, Ohio, act seem to have gotten mightily pissed off. Beginning with the opening number, “Kill Everything,” Dangerkids offer a bleak, betrayed outlook that at least gives them something to shout about.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: They’re not going to make anyone forget Linkin Park. But if your 2017 is off to a lousy start, you don’t wanna kick your dog and you’re looking for the cathartic energy of nü metal without the cartoonish aftertaste, Dangerkids might just be your ticket to stress relief. 

OUR PICK: "Blacklist_”