Musicians have the unique opportunity to make statements with their work, hopefully in a quest to make the world a better place. This is no different for promising pop-goth artist Danny Blu, who’s taking every opportunity to flaunt his message for everyone to see, whether they want to or not. 

In Blu’s latest video for his triumphant solo return track, “Bubble,” the singer puts his influences clearly on display. It's all in the name of opening the door to his “weird, dark, sparkly, gay world.”

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Although Blu hasn’t released a solo effort since 2014, he’s been anything but stagnant. Between fronting shadowy dance-rockers Echo Black and bringing some big names such as The Word Alive frontman Telle Smith along for the ride, he’s often shown his lack of an off-switch.

Despite the band’s success, Blu sees now as the time to make his personal views even more pronounced. 

“I felt I had some things to say that were more personal to me,” he explains. “When I write with the band, I feel that the lyrics represent all of our points of view. This music gives me the opportunity to express some other things, to use a shifted vocabulary, both sonically and lyrically.”

A loud and proud champion of the LGBTQ+ community, Blu firmly braids his personal life with the dark style he brandishes. Representing himself the only way he knows how, his return to the solo stage wasn’t muffled in the slightest.

“‘Bubble’ felt like the appropriate first release ’cause it’s fun, uptempo, aggressive and representative of the world I wanted to create with this new music,” Blu says. “I think the song is unapologetic, and the video, similarly, doesn’t pull any punches. It’s goth-y, satan-y but also pop, and that’s me in a weird nutshell. I live straddled between the goth world and the pop world, and I love that.”

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The volume at which he spouts his feelings is deafening, but the noise is calculated. For Blu, he and other members of the community just need to continue making art and getting noticed.

“The more art we make, the more waves we make,” he says. “The more we scream our beliefs, the more we can’t be ignored. One day, we won’t have to say ‘LGBTQ+ artist.’ We’ll just say ‘artist,’ and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

It’s not just your everyday celebratory message for the flourishing vocalist, though. The music is undoubtedly correlated to his day-to-day life, the community he champions and the world he wants to live in.

The main directive of Blu’s world? The elimination of stigmas with an emphasis on acceptance.

“We care far too much about what other people are up to when the true focus should be on one’s own hustle and ideals,” he explains. “I’m very much against organized religion, specifically Christianity. I always say that no one ever made me feel less welcome than a Christian. Which couldn’t be further from what I believe the intention should be. 

“I believe violently in self-expression and knowing one’s own worth, and I think mental health is something we aren’t talking nearly enough about,” he asserts. 

Above all, he’s out to change things for the better, and he doesn’t care how dissenters see it.

“As Rupaul says: ‘What other people think about me is none of my business,’” he shares. 

Blu recently dropped a follow-up single, “BURN,”  a few days ago, and he’s currently on tour with Echo Black in support of Skold. Tickets for the upcoming shows are available here

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