Danny Elfman has announced a new album, Bigger. Messier. Elfman also shared a new version of "Kick Me" featuring Iggy Pop.

Bigger. Messier. releases Aug. 12 via ANTI- /Epitaph Records.

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The album will contain remixes and conceptualizations of tracks from Elfman's 2021 record, Big Mess. Collaborators include Trent Reznor, HEALTH, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Death Grips' Zach Hill, Xiu Xiu and more.

The new version of "Kick Me" trades the frantic energy of Elfman's delivery for a Shatner-esque delivery courtesy of Iggy Pop. To compensate, the instrumental has soaked up a bit of the erraticism that was squeezed from the old vocals, becoming a near panic-inducing procession of sound.

Elfman spoke on the process of reenvisioning his old songs in a press release.

“At the onset of the Bigger. Messier., I asked the same thing of every artist: 'Express me through your own eyes.' Not only was I surprised at the artists that wanted to participate, but completely blown away by what everyone contributed," Elfman says. "There’s a tremendous amount of diversity represented throughout, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce the record with Iggy’s version of 'Kick Me,' which not only serves as a reinvention of the song vocally but instrumentally as well."

Check below for "Kick Me" featuring Iggy Pop.