Danny Seth has dropped his second music video of the year with "Weezer" featuring U.K.-based artist Fekky. Ahead of the official release, Seth is sharing a first look at the video exclusively with Alternative Press.

The British rapper began his journey in entertainment in 2014, producing short films in the States and the U.K. and releasing his first album in 2015. He went on to tour with Post Malone and collaborate with artists such as G-Eazy and A$AP Ferg before going on a multi-year hiatus.

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In an exclusive discussion with AltPress, Seth detailed the origins of “Weezer.” “Made this track in the middle of the desert in Utah,” he says. “[I] think when 2k made the beat, the melody instantly was in my head, and I guess the rest is history.”

Upon his return from a hiatus, Seth took influences from both U.S. and U.K. rap to create distinctive beats and rhythms. Using powerful imagery to convey the emotion behind his music, the artist takes his words to new heights.

In an interview with The Hundreds, Seth says he found his way into hip hop only with “great difficulty, to be honest. Being where I’m from, rap is not an everyday thing. I grew up with the richest kids around me and I was always different, no matter what it was. Music’s always been a passion for me, though. I actually used to be a DJ back in the day. Early dub, dubstep, hip-hop. I used to clash it up. This was when I was 16/17, when dubstep wasn’t what you’d call “dubstep” today, y’know?”

Seth says his journey led him to go abroad in order to find his way.

“I wanted to learn more, so I took my music abroad,” he continues. “I always used to write, but I never wanted to tell my friends. It wasn’t really an accepted thing back home. So I ended up heading out to to LA, to intern for a record label. A friend from the same hometown as me is in a band called Modestep, and one day I heard them playing while I was sifting through music in my office, and I was like, ‘Fuck, if a kid from my area can make it out to an office in LA, then why the fuck can I not do it too?’—like, anything is possible. So I started taking my writing more seriously, stopped listening to other people and started doing my own thing.”

"Weezer" is Seth's third single since his return, and follows July's "WUT!" featuring Lancey Foux and 2020's “POPSTAR!.” The latter acts as an intense metaphor illustrating Seth's struggle with figuring out his own identity. "Weezer" originally dropped Aug. 6 and is Seth's fifth release since his debut album, Perception.

In his discussion with AltPress, Seth also brought us behind the scenes of the new video for “Weezer.” “Story behind the video is kind of saying that because I’ve been absent for 5 years, I kind of expected to do a crazy come back show, full make-up, go hard with it. [W]hen I come out, nobody is there, empty pub but the dude who stumbles in (actually my best friend in real life Luke). He’s just all fucked up and basically turns the place into a rave. The idea behind the banner, ‘Danny Seth tribute band,’ is all to do with my album and the whereabouts of Danny Seth.”