Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria helped make a two fans’ wedding day a little more special.

The couple had previously reportedly asked Worsnop to perform his song “Angels,” which he wrote for his fiancee. His proposal was actually the basis for the video of the song.

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In case you forgot, you can see that below.

Worsnop’s track was apparently very special to one couple from Wichita, KS, so he flew there to perform it for them.

Worsnop shared the experience on Twitter and congratulated the happy couple.

In other news, Worsnop is known for his rock roots, as well as his upcoming solo album which blends country, blues and soul.

However, those aren’t the only genres he’s dabbled in. Apparently, he’s pretty involved in K-Pop as well.

So here’s what’s happening. One fan was listening to the song “Silver Spoon” by mega K-Pop stars BTS via YouTube. The fan noticed that in the caption for the video, Worsnop was credited as a writer for the track.  

Worsnop noticed the tweet and didn’t seem particularly surprised.

“I’ve submitted a lot of songs to my publisher over the years. Who knows where they all end up,” he responded.
Also, Worsnop recently spoke to AP about his upcoming album, Shades Of Blue, which is far from your typical Asking Alexandria album. Instead, Worsnop pushes the envelope of archetypal sounds reminiscent of country, soul and blues to make a product that’s entirely his own.

Taking over two years to release, Worsnop reflects on Shades Of Blue’s uphill journey to its final form, noting resilience and knowing yourself is far more important than what any label tells you.

“It’s a lot of record labels saying ‘no’ or having to do stupid contract things or fight and argue about how it’s supposed to happen—which is something we shouldn’t deal with daily in this industry,” Worsnop says. “It is what we signed up for, but it’s still frustrating. It’s tough to deal with, but over time you become a little numb to it and just learn to go with the motions.”

However, instead of remaining complacent, Worsnop decided it was time to shake the industry up. After dropping his booking agent and adopting the new direction as wholly his own, Worsnop says the payoff has been entirely worth it.

“If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t work for you, and [if] it doesn’t work [for] the promoter and the venue, who is [it] working for, and why hasn’t it changed? So I took matters into my own hands, and I’ve just been doing it myself,” he explains. “Last year, I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do—something that I was told wasn’t possible and wouldn’t happen because that wasn’t ‘how people work within the business.’ I just did it my way, and it works great.

“My manager helps me out here and there when I need something, but for the most part, I do a lot of that myself,” Worsnop continues. “I have a great team at my office who do some of the heavier lifting for me, but it’s very much so that I do this in-house. I created Dsnop Productions so I could do this myself. That’s what I get out of it that’s different. I don’t see it as a challenge. I see it as an opportunity.”

Additionally, Worsnop says he’s been taking the production and arrangement side of his solo project into his own hands, noting that his newfound freedom to create exactly what he wants will certainly transcend into his work with Asking Alexandria and other projects.

While the full-length may be reminiscent of artists such as Chris Stapleton, John Mayer and James Brown, at the end of the day, Shades Of Blue isn’t anybody else’s album other than his own.

“This one definitely isn’t a country record,” Worsnop says. “Parts of the last one were. But I keep finding that music is put in a box, and I don’t like that. I feel like there has to be a blanket genre or statement made about the album—and I understand that. But you could pick out any song from this album and say, ‘Oh, this is what this album sounds like.’ And listen to another one and say, ‘Oh well, that doesn’t sound like that.’

“It’s a Danny Worsnop album,” Worsnop asserts. “There’s nothing that fans can particularly expect—except the unexpected.”

Shades Of Blue will be out May 10 via Sumerian Records, which you can preorder here. You can listen to Worsnop’s first single from the album, “Best Bad Habit,” which was released back in April, below.

Additionally, Worsnop is currently on the road in support of his forthcoming record. You can check out a full list of dates below and grab tickets here.

What do you think about Worsnop performing at two fans’ wedding? Sound off in the comments below!

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