Daron Malakian (System Of A Down)'s side project, Scars On Broadway has released an intense new song ahead of the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album.

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In April, the band dropped their song "Lives," our first taste of new music from the band since the release of their first studio album back in 2008, and today, the band shared another track off of their forthcoming album.

Dictator is the title track of the band's upcoming album, which is set to be released on July 20.

Listen to "Dictator" below:

Dictator is out July 20. You can pre-order your copy of it here.

Daron Malakian recently spoke of the band's sound, and the fate of System Of A Down, saying:

"I think the Scars stuff tends to take more of a rock direction, even though I would say there’s a lot of material on this album that I think has more of a System of a Down flavor in it than maybe the first Scars album did," Malakian said to Kerrang. "As of right now, System’s not making albums, so this is the project through which I’m releasing my songs."