Foo Fighters stirred up a ton of excitement this past weekend when they finally unveiled their new drummer, Josh Freese. 

But while Feeese will join the band on their upcoming headliners and festival dates, it seems he doesn’t appear on their 11th studio album, But Here We Are (arriving June 2 via Roswell/RCA). During the livestream, which took place from the band’s own 606 Studios, it was revealed that Dave Grohl recorded the drums on their new record.

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“When you explained the beat on the record and you’re like, ‘I think I played it with one hand,’ and I’m kinda doing the same thing. It feels good and sounds cool,” Freese says of the new track “Nothing At All” during the livestream.

“It was unintentional. I did it when I demoed it at my house. I’d just woken up, and I was tired. But on the shitty drum set at my house, it just sounded better. You’re not hitting the hi-hat and the snare at the same time, so it sort of has more space,” Grohl responds.

If you missed the livestream this weekend, there’s still time to watch on Veeps. See all the details below.