Although Foo Fighters' new horror-comedy Studio 666 is loosely based on the band recording their 10th album, Medicine At Midnight, there is one huge detail that is completely fictitious: Dave Grohl would never leave Foo Fighters to go solo.

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Studio 666 finds Foo Fighters in a haunted house while recording their 10th studio album. While there, Grohl becomes possessed by a demon and murders his bandmates so he can go solo.

Grohl recently spoke to Sky News about the prospect of going solo in real life. “The premise is based on a lot of really hilarious rock 'n' roll cliches and stereotypes, right? The lead singer that wants to go solo and is at a creative war with his own band — and some lead singers do exactly that. That's something I would never wish to do because I actually like being in the Foo Fighters.”

And while the movie version of Grohl is a bit of a devilish diva while recording, the real-life rock star is nothing of the sort.

“In the movie, I have writer's block, and I start losing my mind, and we have these crazy, screaming, murderous arguments while we're making the album. And when we make Foo Fighters records, honestly, we stroll into the studio, we usually have too much material and we spend a couple of weeks, a couple of months, just kind of playing our instruments and laughing hysterically... we still enjoy what we do and each other.”

Studio 666 is now playing in theaters.