Dave Navarro is quite a character, and while most would be impressed simply being in his presence, he felt he needed to go above and beyond to meet Fiona Apple.

The guitarist apparently once left a message on her dressing room wall written in his own blood to leave an impression.

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According to The Face, Navarro and Apple were set to perform at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in LA back in 1997. 

Navarro didn't want to perform, but once he found out Apple would also play he was fully onboard.

"That was something I kind of didn’t want to do," he told MTV News at the time. “But then I learned that Fiona Apple would be performing, so that to me is a hot spot of the tour."

Despite having never met the singer prior to this, the guitarist went incredibly far in leaving a lasting impression. The note he left on the wall simply read "Dear Fiona, have fun. Love, D.N.”

The DJs at KROQ apparently heard about the incident but they didn’t believe it. Navarro called the station himself and explain his actions.

“I truly believe that the music Fiona Apple courageously shares with the world comes from the beauty and pain that flows from within her heart. I simply chose to thank her for her honesty by leaving her a little note that comes from the beauty and pain that flows from within my heart…literally.”

In his book, the guitarist says he thought it would be a romantic gesture to write her a bloody message.

"It was my life blood that I was symbolically sharing. I thought we would relate on multiple levels, because we’re both passionate musicians and artists. In my head, it was a grand, romantic statement that she would find very touching.”

What do you think of Dave Navarro leaving Fiona Apple a love letter written in blood? Let us know in the comments below.

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