Dave Hause

Bury Me In Philly

FILE UNDER: Biting and bright singer-songwriter fare

ROCKS LIKE: Frank Turner, Brian Fallon, Ryan Adams

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Bury Me In Philly doesn’t really overhaul the former Loved Ones frontman’s M.O., but it showcases a wise and occasionally raw Hause sharpening his veteran punk chops into rousing and often smoothly melodic fare. It’s a singer-songwriter album with the full-band feel on just about every song, sporting poppy folk and alt-country overtones.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: There are some big anthems some might find life-affirming in the right light (the ultra-catchy “Shaky Jesus,” the “we’re all gonna die so live it up” vibe of “With You”). Hause maintains a down-home honesty on cuts like the bluesy outlier “The Mermaid,” the darker “Wild Love” and Road House patron profile of “Dirty Fucker.” He also turns in surprises like the Cure-esque guitar bridge on “My Mistake” and the ex-boyfriend-dodging but otherwise laid-back shuffle of “The Ride.” 

OUR PICK: “Shaky Jesus”

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