Netflix has shared a short interview with the actor behind Stranger Things' Jim Hopper, David Harbour. In "My Guide to Life with David Harbour," he gives fans advice using the many lessons life has taught him.

The interview begins with Harbour discussing his relationship with aging. "As I get into my 30s and 40s, I started to feel more in my own skin," Harbour says. He never felt like a young guy, so becoming older was always a blessing as his appearance came to match his demeanor.

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Later in the interview, Harbour shares his thoughts on regret. The actor views the feeling as a teaching tool, saying, "Regret is a powerful good thing because it makes you evaluate your future behavior."

This positive outlook on a dreary concept undoubtedly comes from Harbour's ability to persevere. Harbour says tenacity often plays a more critical role in life than raw talent, and he credits his success mainly to his grit.

Check out "My Guide to Life with David Harbour" below.