It’s public knowledge that Deadmau5 doesn’t like Skrillex and Diplo’s Justin Bieber collaboration track, “Where Are Ü Now”. Earlier this summer, he embarked on a Twitter rant regarding his displeasure of the song. “Made the mistake of listening to this Jack Ü shit with Bieber assuming they at least did something cool... nope. What the fuck is this shit?” he blatantly wrote.

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Now, after seeing at least a portion of The New York Times video “Justin Bieber, Diplo and Skrillex Make A Hit”, he tossed even more shade at the trio. “‘It’s expensive. The sounds we used are not cheap. They’re very expensive sounds’ Holy fuck. I just cant. I’m done,” he wrote regarding a quote from Biebs. “I stopped watching after that insanely stupid quote. I don’t want to live here anymore. SO EXPENSIVE. You don’t even want to know how much my sounds cost. Fucking crazy. Moving air isn’t fuckin’ cheap. I’d like to take this opportunity for the fans who made [me] rich as fuck so I can make expensive sounds.”

He then concluded his rant with an interesting picture of Bieber. You can see the entire escapade below.