We’ve been getting a lot of teasers about an upcoming Deadpool movie even though we have next-to-no solid information about a third film. 

Even though it has yet to be officially confirmed, but it’s pretty likely that it will happen.

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Earlier this year, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld tweeted that a third movie was happening. 
Then, when the merger first occurred, Disney confirmed the franchise wasn’t going anywhere.

Disney chairman Alan Horn spoke at a presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas back in April. 

“You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years to come,” he said.

During the presentation, Horn showed a tweet from Ryan Reynolds, who played the titular character. Reynolds tweeted a joke about the merger after it was announced featuring his character on a school bus sporting Mickey Mouse ears.

“Feels like the first day of ‘Pool,” the tweet reads.
Then, David Leitch, who directed the second film, opened up about his “crazy ideas” for how the next film could be incorporated into the MCU. 

“In everybody’s world, everybody wants to make it,” he told Comicbook.com “So, if I was ever approached to make Deadpool 3, my answer would be, ‘Hell yes,’ but I think there’s a lot of things going on in the shake up with Fox and Disney and where that whole Marvel world after Endgame is gonna be. When the dust settles, let’s hope that Deadpool lives. That’s kind of ironic, right?”

Then, he went on to talk about his ideas more, but kept it vague. 

“I have a lot of ideas, but I’m keeping them close to my vest so, if they ever come and I’m grateful enough for them to call, I can share all my crazy ideas,” he said. 

Now, Reynolds is teasing us even more on a very important date for the franchise that might mean it will join Phase 5 of the MCU.

To understand his teaser, we have to look to the past. Five years ago, someone leaked some Deadpool test footage online when Fox was being cryptic about whether or not the character would have a solo movie. It forced the studio to move forward because of the online reaction. 

To commemorate that day, Reynolds posted a photo on #LeakAversary with a caption that sent us crazy. 

Investigation heading into year 5. Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn. #LeakAversary” he wrote. 


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Investigation heading into year 5. Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn. #LeakAversary

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Of course, him even dropping the phrase “Phase 5” sends Marvel fans crazy since the studio unofficially hinted at the beginning of the phase even though the fourth has yet to begin. 

However, we just have to wait and see what’s going on and when they will finally announced the movie already. 

What do you think of Reynolds’ Instagram post? Sound off in the comments down below!

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