[Photo by: 20th Century Fox]

It's not like we're counting down the days until we can see Deadpool 2 (okay, we totally are), so this fan-made trailer is everything we need to help us prepare for the movie that's bound to be as epic as the first.

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YouTuber ScrapLogger combined the first trailer and the most recent trailers to create the ultimate Deadpool 2 trailer—and yeah, we're stoked for this one.

Give it a watch below:

Ah, the wise cracking and fourth-wall breaking mercenary is back. We're just excited to see that he’s bringing his own team of superheroes in the new, violent and of course, hilarious, flick.

Be sure to catch Deadpool 2 when it hits theaters on May 18! (And maybe pick up a pair of Deadpool-inspired sneakers while you're at it—you'll look cool, we promise.)