[Photo by: Instagram/thehughjackman]

Recently, Logan star Hugh Jackman took to Instagram to wish his friend Ryan Reynolds a happy birthday.

In his video, he's suddenly interrupted by Deadpool himself.

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You can hear Jackman say "I'm doing so much stuff, and that's why I can't be there. Have a happy birthday." And then cue Baha Men banger "Who Let The Dogs Out."

Check out the clip below.

ComicBook.com compiled this video along with all the trailers released thus far for Deadpool 2

At CinemaCon in Las Vegas this past week, the studio's distribution chief Chris Aronson was introduced by a video of Deadpool. Viewers realized he wasn't alone when Jackman appeared in the video. The two made jokes about Comcast and Disney picking up Deadpool

Fans were excited to see these two together. If you've seen the first Deadpool film, you might remember Jackman popping up when Wade Wilson's face is deformed.

His solution to this problem is cutting out a picture of Jackman's face from a magazine and stapling it to his own, so his girlfriend won't see him.

Jackman starred in Logan, a film where Jackman himself is mutated, and fans want to see him be a part of Deadpool 2 now, too.

According to ComicBook.com, Jackman has retired himself from the Logan character, so he won't be appearing anywhere as Logan.

What do you think? Wish Logan and Deadpool would join forces? Let us know in the comments below.