Deaf Havana

All These Countless Nights


ROCKS LIKE: Thirty Seconds To Mars, Lower Than Atlantis, Foo Fighters

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Forget folksy and festive for the fourth album: Deaf Havana are writing anthems meant to crowd rock clubs—authentic songs that hurt before celebrating the highs. This is their most attractive offering to American soil yet, and the songs named after Seattle and Pensacola further that sentiment.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The almighty Jimmy Eat World hand-picked them as a support act. Endorsements aside, frontman James Veck-Gilodi embodies the endangered term “rock star” ("Fever," "England"). His throat-clearing choruses beckon his inner Dave Grohl ("L.O.V.E.," "Like A Ghost"). This is unapologetic alternative rock with a rainy day, late-night drive twist. 

OUR PICK: “St. Paul’s”