Just when we thought space couldn’t get any cooler, this skull-shaped asteroid, commonly referred to as "Death Comet," is coming to cross Earth’s sky this November.

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Three years ago on Oct. 10, 2015, earthlings saw the asteroid "2015 TB145" for the first time. By Oct. 31, the skull-shaped asteroid flew past our planet. Also named “The Great Pumpkin” by
NASA, we can expect to see it cross our path again Nov. 11.

As freaking metal as this asteroid is, it will not come close to hitting Earth. In 2015, the asteroid passed Earth at a distance of 310,000 miles. This year, it is estimated to pass around 24 million miles away, according to Mother Nature Network.

NASA classifies “The Great Pumpkin” as a "dead comet," which is essentially just an asteroid.

According to Astronomy Stock Exchange, a “dead comet” is a comet that has lost all of its ices and gases. Without those two things, the mass does not have a glow, or “tail.” Without the light factor, the comet just becomes a plain old asteroid.

However, it’s Halloween and “asteroid” sounds boring, so NASA made a really pure science pun.

If you are a science whiz, check out NASA’s “Death Star” breakdown below.

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