Demi Lovato recently sat down with Emo Nite Founders Morgan Freed and Barbara Szabo for the Ride Or Cry Podcast and talked about all manner of emo things. As you know, the pop star recently released an "I Love Me [Emo Version] with blink-182's Travis Barker. In addition, Lovato also compiled an Emo Nite Takeover playlist featuring tracks from artists including Taking Back SundayParamorePanic! At The Disco and Underoath

In the new interview, Demi Lovato talks about her Myspace songs consisting of bands like The Academy Is..., Brand New and Say Anything. She also talks about hopping in a mosh pit at 14 years old and that she really like the things that Poppy is doing. 

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Demi Lovato has always discussed and embraced her emo and pop-punk roots. In the past, she has made various appearances at Emo Nite and has been seen singing along to Underoath‘s “Reinventing Your Exit,” Paramore‘s “Misery Business” and more. She also teamed up with We The Kings in 2010 for “We’ll Be A Dream” and performed the song with the band at Warped Tour. In addition, she collaborated with Fall Out Boy for the track "Irresistible."

When speaking with the Emo Nite founders, Lovato says her first "emo" experience was a Simple Plan concert in sixth grade and how she was hooked from there. That led her to check out bands like Chiodos, From First To Last and Scary Kids Scaring Kids

From there, Lovato got into metal and even found herself in the middle of a mosh pit at an Unearth and Dimmu Borgir show. 

"I was in the middle of the crowd. In the middle of the mosh, actually," Lovato says. "I was only 14 and I was a tiny little thing. I was in the middle of the mosh and there were these grown-ass men headbanging and I was living. But then I got claustrophobic and a little scared so I crowd surfed to the front." 

"I loved moshing because you could just get your aggression out and nobody cares," Lovato added.

The conversation drifted to the topic of Myspace songs where Lovato said she "had so many." 

"The Academy Is..., Brand New. Those were two of my favorite bands. Also, Say Anything. 'Wow I Can Get Sexual Too' was definitely one of them. Then, I think I had Hellogoodbye's 'Dear Jamie' was one." 

Lovato has spoken about her love for Brand New and Say Anything's ...Is A Real Boy in the past claiming “Sic Transit Gloria” and “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” are two of her favorite songs. 

When asked what she would do if she could go back and start her career over, Demi Lovato talks about Poppy. 

"I would go back and do more of what Poppy is doing," Lovato begins. "Her music is dope. She mixes this rock sound and has pop at the same time. It's really interesting [...] this is what I would do if I could go back and redo my career. This is what I would do because it incorporated that rock side and that metal kind of feel." 

Watch the full interview with Demi Lovato below.

What do you think of Demi Lovato's love for emo? Did you know her favorite bands? Sound off in the comments below!

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