A new mobile game hyperbolizes the way that dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble can often feel like a never-ending hell and it definitely sounds right up our alley.

Demon House of Dates is a visual novel dating game that shows the evil side of trying to find love through an app.

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Fittingly, the app in the game is called Sinder. The user is a mortal looking for love in the demon world. Similarly to the real world Tinder, the demons vary from looking for casual hookups to wanting to find long-lasting love.

Once you pick a match after a bit of swiping, you get to meet up and have seven days to decide if you want to make things serious with your devilish date. You can interact with them through several emojis in different locations such as a beach, a cafe, hom and at school.

Much like The Sims, there’s a romance meter that changes based on the chemistry between you and one of Satan’s spawns. If it's not working out, that bar goes straight down to hell itself. 

It’s definitely different from real-life Tinder, but at least if you go on dates in the demon world, you won’t have to be disappointed by real-life people. We always felt like we related more to demons than humans anyways, so this game sounds perfect.

Demon House of Dates released Thursday and is currently free in the iTunes App Store. You can download it for yourself here.

If you do opt for real-life Tinder and you’re headed on spring break, don’t forget to turn on “Spring Break Mode” to find love at your vacation destination.

Also, in case you didn’t hear, Tinder now lets users share Spotify music in chat with their matches. That way, you can make sure your matches at least have good taste in music. And if your match sends you a song you absolutely hate, you don’t have to waste time engaging in small talk before unmatching them.

Would you play the demon Tinder-like dating game? Sound off in the comments below!

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