Demon Hunter

True Defiance

It may be hard for some to get past Demon Hunter’s religious affiliation. They are openly Christian, which means they interpret song titles such as “Crucifix” and “God Forsaken” more literal than the average metal band. Yet they proudly display a Slayer poster in their music video for “My Destiny,” the single from their sixth full-length, True Defiance. But if the album suffers, it has more to do with Demon Hunter’s limitations as a band than their members’ spiritual motivations. The execution of True Defiance is all too perfect; the sound-replaced machine-gun kick drum, shred-by-numbers guitar solos and Auto-Tuned choruses never add up to a song that transcends the sum of its parts. If you simply cannot get enough of the current wave of melodic metal, Demon Hunter will suffice—but only as a placeholder until the next All That Remains record drops.

Solid State

"My Destiny"