Due to coronavirus, socially-distant concerts might become the new normal. Last week, it was announced that England is building the country's first socially-distant arena. Now, Destruction are sharing a film of what their first socially-distant concerts looked like.

The German thrash metal band held two socially-distant shows in Switzerland over the weekend. Their shows mark some of the first socially-distant metal shows to happen.

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On July 3 and 4, Destruction performed at the Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland. As a venue with a capacity of 1500, the band performed to two sold-out socially-distant crowds of 250 one night and 300 the second night.

Prior to the shows, Destruction frontman Schmier spoke to Audio Ink Radio. He points out that places in Europe are able to start trialing socially-distant concerts because the coronavirus cases are low.

"What we’re experiencing now is the first trial of concerts. And Switzerland, also, is far ahead, so the whole world will watch the country and see the developments," he says. "So, it’s going to be interesting and hopefully we’re not going to get hit hard again, but the way things go at the moment, it looks good. Switzerland is open just a couple of weeks, already. In Germany, we’re still wearing masks when we’re going grocery shopping and stuff, but in Switzerland, there’s no masks needed anymore."

Destruction streamed part of their July 4 show to fans around the world. For many, especially in America where there's a large spike in cases, fans were in awe of the fact that shows are happening in other parts of the world. One fan even commented about his amazement on Facebook.

"Is this really happening right now? Being in America, I find this rather surreal. We're probably never going to get shows for another year," he says.

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Following the completion of their first performance, Destruction shared more information about how they were able to put on their shows in Switzerland.

"Our first show since the Corona crisis took place yesterday in Switzerland and it was really amazing," the band say. "The fans were keeping mostly the social distancing rules and the atmosphere was really positive! We are ALL hungry for some normality. Switzerland allows concert under certain guidelines restricted by the government, our show had a maximum of 300 people in a 1500 capacity room. We all felt safe and could keep the distance. Thanks for the support and the respect. This is the way this is done right, for the future of our scene!"

After the completion of their second show, Destruction revealed that they recorded both concerts and are releasing a film documenting the socially-distant shows. Back To Thrash - Post Lockdown Aftermovie arrives sometime next week.

For Schmier, he shares that he looked over all safety precautions before the band decided to perform in Switzerland.

“Switzerland has very low Corona cases and moves ahead as a role-model at the moment," Schmier says. "When we got invited to play, I read the precautions and restrictions for concerts in the country and there is a lot of substance in their catalogue of measures. Social distancing only works with common sense, so we all need to learn how to live with it!“

Once governments share their official guidelines for holding concerts, Destruction plan to schedule more socially-distant shows this year.

"We are all hoping and working on more shows, as soon as our governments will give us guidelines and options!"

The band's concert livestream is available to watch below. The full trailer for Back To Thrash - Post Lockdown Aftermovie is also below.

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