When Detective Pikachu powers into theaters this May, it's bringing back an old Poké-tradition with it.

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All screenings of Detective Pikachu will include a throwback to cooler times in geekdom: a two-pack of Pokémon trading cards randomly selected from the new Pokémon Trading Card expansion.

The new set features a variety of different Pokémon, each with their unique, photorealistic self from the upcoming movie. You'll also get a limited-edition Detective Pikachu card showing our favorite little electric mouse detective enjoying a cup of coffee. This particular card can only be gotten in theaters, so make sure you grab a ticket while supplies last, or you might have to hit up eBay later infer one of your own.

Giving Pokémon cards away with tickets was a trend that came with the debut of Pokémon: The First Movie, which came with a special Ancient Mew trading card. Subsequent films have come with a variety of different cards in the past, but for the last few years it's been a tradition that's largely been ignored.

The first set of cards released around 20 years ago with the first movie, and there was even a special exclusive card that you could obtain for Mewtwo Strikes Back by renting the movie at Blockbuster Video. Digimon fans also got special cards when they went to see Digimon: The Movie, though that was a short-lived craze.

So if you're jonesing for some classic Pokémon nostalgia, make sure you secure your ticket to Detective Pikachu when it shocks theatergoers with how maddeningly adorable Pikachu is on May 17. Then let us know what you think of it – it's definitely a sight different than what Pokéfans may be used to.

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