With his latest album, MY FAVORITE BLUE JEANS, DE'WAYNE continues to evolve. Across 11 songs, the LA-based artist explores love, family and self-reflection, backed by exuberant rock hooks. In case you need more enticement, though, consider his collaborations with Good Charlotte, WILLOW, POORSTACY, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME and grandson. Through it all, one thing remains certain: DE'WAYNE's future is bright as hell. Below he breaks down every track on his excellent sophomore record.

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“Die Out Here” (feat. POORSTACY)

When I was younger, I carried this obsession with me of wanting to die young up in flames like my favorite artists. Then I got into the groove of this album and realized I wanted to be here with my family and be here for myself and live as long and as free as I can.

“She’s My (Sexi Boy)”

I had a very special friend come into my life, and they pretty much changed my way of living and how I wanted to go about my daily walk as a human and artist, and this is my ballad dedicated to them.

“Blue Jean Babe”

I’ll be honest: On this one, I remember getting to the studio and saying, “I’m gonna make an anthem about blue jeans!” It’s just a sexy song. I really like people thinking I'm all sweet, but I really just make raunchy rock music.


Wow, this song was my life for 26 years! Just broke and scared all time but always trying to take someone out on a date.

“Lonely House”

I'm a Cancer, and I feel very deeply. You know that feeling when you’re falling in love and you’re like, “No, God, not again”? As it was happening to me in real time, I just wrote a song about it.

“Thank You For Lying”

To my dad Mr. De’Wayne, I wrote this song about our relationship when I was growing up. It wasn’t the best, but he taught me a very valuable lesson, and that was to believe in myself.

“GOOD MOOD” (feat. grandson)

This is definitely one of my favorites to perform! This is me on my Joey Ramone. I just wanted to pop off and make the crowd lose their mind on this one.

“Reign’s Song”

I love this damn song so much. Just reminds me of walking or riding down the PCH [Pacific Coast Highway]. Just so in love you feel stupid type vibe. It’s embarrassing, but it’s true.


Just a sexy, sleazy song! Had to get I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME on it. It’s just a big vibe explaining how I like to get down on my day-to-day life.

“TAKE THIS CROWN” (feat. Good Charlotte)

First off, Good Charlotte on the hook. I mean, gah damn! Felt like a full-circle moment of where I am in my career and in my life. Trying to find control and a good balance of who I am and knowing where I want to go with it.

“37 Minutes”

From your room to mine is 37 minutes, but I whip this Land Rover through the night down the 405. You say it’s late, but I'm right on time. Love having this as the outro. Really ends on such a beautiful note.