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DE'WAYNE gives a glimpse into his past in the explosive "Walking To Work"

In his brand-new track, DE’WAYNE wants you to stop calling him.

After cryptically teasing his song for a few days and exciting his ever-growing fanbase that he lovingly calls “the circle,” DE’WAYNE finally released his single “Walking To Work” today. The bass-y, dynamic tune is inspired by his strolls to his job before he entered his music career full time.

If you’re not already familiar with the quickly rising alternative singer and rapper, he’s a poet in his own right, blending metaphorical, fast-paced lyrics with hard-rock instrumentals and gritty choruses. Think of this Hopeless Records artist as the individual who perfectly melds the brilliance of Childish Gambino with the pop-punk glory of blink-182 and then adds his own glittery, grunge-y flair—that’s where DE’WAYNE lives.

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Today, his release of “Walking To Work” is accompanied by an explosive black-and-white music video, all filmed in one shot. In it, DE’WAYNE is showing his most authentic self, strolling through a neighborhood, making direct eye contact with his viewers and dancing to his own beat.

“I used to walk to and from work four miles each way and dream about getting the chance
to have people hear my music,” he recalls. “Not a day goes by where I don’t think about that.”

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In his third single of 2021, DE’WAYNE is fierce, honest and passionate in “Walking To Work,” where every lyric bites harder than the one before it and every note resonates louder, too. Punk fans will rejoice at DE’WAYNE’s unique combination of nostalgic synth sounds interlaced with low, pulsing guitar tones. Check out the brand-new track and music video below, as well as an exclusive interview with the innovative artist below.

What inspired this single-shot music video? And how did you make your vision come to life? 

I wanted to give people that energy I had when I was walking to work listening to my favorite songs, and I’d just be dancing or jumping headed up the road. That feeling when you’re really inside your own world. When people get into this one, rather their driving or walking, I want them to be able to feel where I was at in that exact moment in my life and also be able to understand where I’m about to take it. I just told the homies to turn on the camera and let me perform.

This song was inspired by your work life before your dream full-time music career. Many of the lyrics are immensely affecting and will make listeners think about their lives. What’s your favorite lyric, and what does it mean to you in the context of “Walking To Work”?

“Hello, it’s me/I’m a dysfunctional fiend and a masterpiece.” That lyric is my life. I don’t sleep, [and] I take care of myself, but I’m only really saying that to you so you think I’m good. I’m fully here to be the best artist I can be, you know? I work hard and understand my vision, and I’m so ambitious that it’s funny to people sometimes. But I know where I wanna go with these songs.

Is this solo track one that marks a new era of DE’WAYNE? And was it helpful to reflect on your past self in this song to shape your musical future?

I don’t see my career in eras. I’m always trying to give people the best DE’WAYNE songs. I feel as if I’m always growing. But I do think more people are along for the ride now, and that’s dope, and I’m really thankful for it. [And] yes, always. I keep that kid energy with me, and it truly helps to know when I need to reach in the past for something and also to understand how to keep moving forward to the things that I desire for my future.

More on DE’WAYNE

In March, DE’WAYNE teamed up with WaterparksAwsten Knight to craft his first radio single “Perfume.” The high-energy duo took the phrase “heartbreak anthem” literally by breaking and destroying their music video set with hammers, golf clubs, baseball bats and more.

The two even smash bottles and plates over each other’s head through a fisheye lens that is a visual treat you can watch over and over again.

“I love DE’WAYNE, and I love this song. I was so happy he asked me to be on it because the demo was constantly stuck in my head, even before I was involved with it,” Knight shared with AltPress. “When I finally go back to my home planet, I’m gonna bring this song with me to show my real parents Earth isn’t that bad.”

It’s clear that DE’WAYNE is poised to be one of the brightest and most powerful voices in the alternative scene and is an artist you absolutely must keep on your radar. After all, he is one of the 100 Artists You Need To Know. With collabs with Chase Atlantic and John O’Callaghan of the Maine under his belt, as well as clever, catchy and poignant singles such as “National Anthem” and “I Know Something,” it’s exciting to know there is so much more in store for this vocalist.

Do you like the new DE’WAYNE track? What’s your favorite lyric on “Walking To Work”? Sound off in the comments below!