Will there be a Dexter: New Blood sequel? Showrunner Clyde Phillips spoke with Collider about the possibility in a recent interview.

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For a recap, the recent Showtime series Dexter: New Blood picked up with Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) ten years after the original series ended. Morgan has moved to the small town of Iron Lake, New York, and is working at a hunting supply store under the alias Jim Lindsay. Oh, and he's also dating a cop.

When his now-teenaged son Harrison (Jack Alcott) arrives on his doorstep, Morgan must reconcile with more than the resurgence of his killer instincts, dubbed the "Dark Passenger." Now, he also has to wonder about whether he is an influence on his son's psyche.

When asked if this would mark the end of Dexter or if there could potentially be a sequel about Harrison, Phillips said it was ultimately "Showtime's call."

"If they were to call me and say, 'We want to do Harrison. Are you interested?' Much like when they called me to say, 'We want to reboot Dexter, and you're the guy,' I would drop everything to do it."

Phillips did end the conversation on an optimistic note.

"I mean, the show's hugely successful for them this season," he says. "And we're going to be getting some big numbers in January and all the people that DVR-ing the show so they can binge it. We're going to get a whole new set of numbers later in this month. And I think that could well be determinative in Showtime's decision. And if they want to do it, again, I got a lot of stuff going on, and I'll drop everything to do it."