Did Travis Barker just confirm blink-182's next album is on the way?

It’s been well over a year since blink-182 released their last full-length album NINE. Now, it looks like we are closer to finally hearing more new music from blink-182.

This week, Travis Barker offered an update on when blink-182 plan to put more new material. As it turns out, their upcoming release may not be just an EP after all.

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All the way back in May 2020, Mark Hoppus confirmed that blink-182 had begun working on their NINE follow-up. Then, in July, Barker revealed that their new song “Quarantine” is part of an upcoming EP they initially planned to release in 2020.

“We’re wrapping up what we think will be an EP that hopefully will be out by the end of summer,” Barker said at the time. “There’s a song called ‘Quarantine’ that’s gonna come out really, really soon. It’ll be a Blink favorite. It’ll be like all our fan favorites. It’s incredible.”

However, after the debut of “Quarantine” in August, it seemed as though blink-182’s upcoming EP was facing some delays. Shortly after the pandemic-inspired single’s debut, Hoppus confirmed that blink-182 were still working on their new EP with producer John Feldmann.

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“We’re working on it [the EP] today,” Hoppus said. “Matt [Skiba] is going back into the studio with John today to work on new songs. I think we have a tracklisting, we still need to finish these songs [and] get them mixed. We’re a ways away still, but we are working on it. These songs are dope. You guys are in for some dope new blink-182 music in, hopefully, the nearest future.”

Then, in November, Hoppus gave another update on the forthcoming EP. During a Twitch stream, he revealed that new music is expected to arrive sometime in late 2020 or early 2021. As well, he teased that blink-182 may have enough material to turn the EP into a full-length album.

“The EP is now being discussed as ‘late this year/early 2021’ maybe it just becomes an album.”


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Now, it looks like Travis Barker may have officially confirmed blink-182’s new EP is now a full-length album. On Monday, the drummer shared a new post on Instagram. In the comments section, one fan asked if “any new blink-182 albums” are “dropping this year.” The question eventually earned a “YES” from Barker, seemingly confirming that blink-182 have recorded enough material for a full-length release.

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Along with seemingly planning to put out a full-length album, it looks like old school blink-182 fans are in for a treat. Back in October, Matt Skiba dished some exclusive details about the music the trio’s been working on. In an Instagram post, Skiba revealed that blink-182’s new material reminds him of the Enema Of The State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket eras.

“For now I’m actually working on a new @blink182 song (one of two newies) @markhoppus wrote that are super great and remind me of Enema/Take Off era blinkage. As you were.”


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Along with putting out more new music, it’s possible blink-182 may release their collab with Juice WRLD in the future. Barker confirmed the collaboration earlier this summer, but the highly-anticipated track has still not been released.

“There’s a Blink/Juice collaboration that hasn’t come out yet but it’s about to. I think it’ll come out on a Blink project,” Barker said. ”We just got in and did that song together. It didn’t make the last album, but I think it’s going to live on in a couple of other places. It’s amazing. I’m just thankful that there’s more Juice music coming out.”

While we wait for blink-182’s new music to arrive, you can stream “Quarantine” below.

Are you ready to hear even more new music from blink-182? What do you want their new music to sound like? Let us know in the comments below.