Dinosaur Jr., a popular ‘90s alternative rock band, has beaten Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” on the charts in Japan this week. However, to make matters even weirder, the song that is topping the charts is 25 years old.

A video for Dinosaur Jr.’s “Over Your Shoulder” has amassed millions of views in the region seemingly out of nowhere. According to Billboard, Dinosaur Jr.’s video for “Over Your Shoulder” has earned the number one slot in Japanese video views this week with 8,081,572 views.

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Additionally, Dinosaur Jr.’s track is topping the Hot 100 in Japan, sitting pretty at the 18th spot, ahead of artists such as Ariana Grande, Queen and Ed Sheeran.

While Billboard says they have no idea how a rock song from 25 years ago is blowing up in Japan, NME references a Reddit post. The post says that the song was used on the popular television show, Gachinko Fight Club, causing the song to go viral.

Despite being unsure, Billboard suggests that the song potentially made its way in the rankings when the video was randomly uploaded. Following that, the song may have garnered enough views to show up in algorithms.

Either way, listen to the band’s song “Over Your Shoulder” below.

Founded by vocalist and guitarist J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph, Dinosaur Jr. was a pioneer of the alternative rock scene in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The band split in 1997. However, they reunited in 2005 and wrote four more albums, including their 2016 release Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. “Over your Shoulder” appears on 1994’s Without a Sound.

Additionally, Mascis released a solo record last November. You can pick up your copy here.

What do you think about Dinosaur Jr.’s strange resurgence in Japan? Sound off in the comments below.

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