Directed by Mitch Barnes and Victor Malang, the music video for the Dirty Nil’s song “That’s What Heaven Feels Like” takes an interesting turn. The music video follows the band's satirical death into the afterlife.

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After “Jesus Christ” drowns the band in an inground swimming pool, the Dirty Nil make their way to their version of heaven. In their “heaven,” they are met with a plethora of Segways, martinis and gold chains.

You can watch the Ontario rock band’s music video for the grungey tune “That’s What Heaven Feels Like” below.

To make matters even weirder, Jerry Springer and Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies react to the band’s music video. Don’t believe us? You can watch people’s reactions to their video below.

Additionally, the Dirty Nil are embarking on a tour. You can check out a full list of dates and secure your tickets here.

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