One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to wear ugly Christmas sweaters to work parties, school events and family functions for the entirety of December. If you’re a Disney lover, there’s also a huge variety of ugly holiday sweaters inspired by some of the franchise’s most iconic films. 

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Disney-inspired ugly Christmas sweaters for you to wear every day of the month until Christmas because it truly is one of the most festive ways to celebrate the season. You can check those out down below. 

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1. Mickey ears made out of Christmas lights – $38+
disney christmas lights mickey mouse

This is a casual sweater you will want to wear every day. It’s a step up from a regular Disney top with the Christmas lights detail, and you will undoubtedly get a million compliments on it. 

2. A villainous sweater for those who want to be both evil and festive – $44.99
disney villian christmas sweaters

Now this is our kind of Christmas sweater. It celebrates our favorite devious Disney queens while still being in the holiday spirit. Not to mention, it looks insanely comfortable. 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas cardigan you can definitely wear to work every day –$49.90
the nightmare before christmas sweater

We’ve seen a million ugly Christmas sweaters inspired by the Tim Burton classic, but this is next level. It’s subtle and loud at the same time, so you can wear it every single day and still make a statement. Plus, you can wear it over tons of tops, so it’s versatile as well. 

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4. A bright sweater full of festive Mickey Mouses – $24.99
mickey mouse christmas sweaters

This will become your go-to for holiday parties and Christmas events because it’s just so fashionable. It’s great for anybody and makes it look like you put forth an effort to be festive without trying too hard. 

5. A Lilo And Stitch ugly sweater that’s full of cuteness – $59.90
disney lilo and stich

If you can’t get enough of Lilo And Stitch, you need to ask for this sweater from Santa this year. It showcases Lilo and Stitch’s unusual but loving relationship, and everyone will want to borrow it. 

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6. This Star Wars ugly sweater that you need to buy for your whole family – $41.99
star wars christmas sweaters

The force is strong with this ugly sweater inspired by Star Wars. There are a variety of sweaters similar to this one on the market, so you can buy several different sweaters for your whole family to show off their love for the franchise this holiday season.

7. A subtle Disney tribute sweater featuring the iconic castle – $64.99
disney cinderella castle

This is Disney, but make it fashion. It isn’t outright full of Mickey Mouse ears, but the iconic Cinderella Castle is replicated perfectly on the sweater. It’s a great way to show off your Disney love without being too over the top. 

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8. A sweater inspired by The Emperor’s New Groove this is our Christmas morning mood – $44.99
emperors new groove christmas sweaters

We absolutely need this sweatshirt when confronting our nosy siblings who are shaking all of the presents under the tree and peeking in the stockings before Dec. 25. It’s guaranteed to get a bunch of compliments and definitely a lot of laughs. 

9. A Toy Story sweater that pays tribute to our favorite fictional pizza joint – $59.90
disney toy story

We always wanted to hit up Pizza Planet for a slice and to take a crack at “The Claw” game. While that isn’t totally possible, sporting a sweater of the fictional Toy Story restaurant seems like the next best option. 

10. This Frozen sweater because nothing is more festive than Olaf – $24.99
frozen christmas sweaters

Everybody loves Frozen, especially the adorable little snowman at the center of the story, so this sweater is a no-brainer for your collection. It’s cute and stylish, and it seems more appropriate to be sporting Frozen gear in the winter than any other time of the year.