Marvel fans are going to want to book tickets to Disneyland soon as the park is reportedly dedicating an entire section to the franchise.

That’s right, the part set to have an entire section that was once dedicated to A Bug’s Life. Now, it will be filled with our favorite Avengers and much more.

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The news comes from The Los Angeles Times, which says the full details about the park won’t come until August when Disney holds its D23 convention. They discovered the park was planning the land because the city of Anaheim approved a handful of building permits for the area.

There are rumors that there will be a Spider-Man attraction where visitors will apparently help the hero in battle, but other than that we don’t know much else about the contents of the section.

Disney declined to comment to the LA Times about the permits or what type of attractions would be included.

Other than that, the Los Angeles park also just opened its Star Wars-themed land called “Galaxy’s Edge,” with the Disney World counterpart opening in August in Orlando.

Speaking of the Star Wars park, when it opened last month, it used Stormtroopers to enforce the time limit of four hours to avoid potential crowd chaos upon opening.

We’re still within the first three weeks of the attraction’s opening, so guests are still required to make reservations for each member to enter the Star Wars land.

Guests will then receive colored wristbands coordinating with their reserved four-hour time slot. Once that time window expires, park workers dressed as Star Wars characters will patrol the park and politely tell visitors to leave so new visitors may enter.

So what happens if guests refuse to leave the park after their time slot expiration? Well, Disneyland is keeping pretty quiet on that part (use of “The Force” perhaps?).

Park visitors who booked rooms at any of the three Disneyland Resort hotels automatically received reservations, those who booked a stay elsewhere were required to reserve their slot online.

Reservations opened on May 2 for the May 31 – June 23 opening and to little or no surprise, the opening period dates were filled within two hours.

Following the 3-week “soft opening” time frame, Disneyland will launch a virtual queuing system similar to FastPass where guests can sign up for a boarding group.

Each boarding group will have a two-hour window in which guests can enter the Star Wars land, but no time limit once guests are inside.

Other Marvel news

Marvel is gearing up to drop Spider-Man: Far From Home, its first movie after Avengers: Endgame

The film hits theaters soon, so IMAX released a new poster to promote it featuring Spider-Man, Nick Fury and Mysterio.
Many fans were not pleased with the design of the poster and had a lot to say. Many of them actually rmade edits that are completely hilarious. See what they’re saying on Twitter below.Many fans were not pleased with the design of the poster and had a lot to say. Many of them actually made edits that are completely hilarious. See what they’re saying on Twitter below.


Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters July 5, 2019. It stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. It also stars Laura Harrier, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Keaton and more.

We also recently got a second Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer that had some serious spoilers. Luckily, Holland gives a warning of that at the beginning.

It was previously reported that the warning would be included because the Marvel film takes place after the events of Endgame, which we know was full of unexpected plot points.

“If you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet, stop watching because there’s some serious spoilers coming up,” Holland said. “But if you have seen Avengers: Endgame, enjoy the trailer.”

For fear of giving anything away, you can watch the trailer at your own risk below.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it, watch the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer below.

Are you excited for a Marvel-themed Disney attraction? Sound off in the comments below!

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