Disney is continuing to launch new goodies for this year's Halloween season. This week, the company unveiled a new fashion line inspired entirely by Tim Burton's classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Items from the new fashion line are available to purchase at Hot Topic and shopDisney.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas has been a true inspiration for so many new items this year. A new Oogie Boogie inspired holiday stocking recently started popping up at shopDisney locations. As well, Disney recently launched a hot beverage mug inspired by Sally, one of the film's main characters.

Even Funko is getting in on the Nightmare Before Christmas action. The collectibles company is expanding its line of the franchise with a highly-requested holiday Advent calendar.

Now, Disney is taking The Nightmare Before Christmas franchise one step further for Halloween 2020. This week, Disney launched a new fashion line inspired by some of the film's most iconic characters. Items from the collection are available at both Hot Topic and shopDisney.

Included in the collection is an Oogie Boogie-inspired costume dress that is perfect for the Halloween season. The dress features Oogie Boogie on the skirt and detailing in his classic green color. Retailing for $128, various sizes for the dress are already sold out on shopDisney.

oogie boogie dress-min

[Photo via shopDisney][/caption]

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The collection also includes a glow-in-the-dark half suit inspired by Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie. Although the suit appears to be black-and-white with hints of red, the fabric turns a glowing green once the lights are switched off. Retailing for $49.99, the suit jacket and tie combo is available on shopDisney in both S/M and L/XL sizes.

NBX half suit-min

[Photo via shopDisney][/caption]For those looking for something a bit more casual, the collection offers a cozy sweater inspired by Sally's costume. The button-down sweater includes the patterns and colors found on Sally's dress, making this the perfect staple for your fall and winter wardrobe. The sweater retails for $39.99 on shopDisney.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sweater-min

[Photo via shopDisney][/caption]The Nightmare Before Christmas fashion line also includes various other items such as shoes, comfortable leggings, a backpack and more.

[Photos via shopDisney]

Head here to shop all of the new Nightmare Before Christmas arrivals at Hot Topic. All of shopDisney's new Nightmare Before Christmas items are also available here.

Which item in the new fashion line are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.