Disney is continuing to spoil all of you Nightmare Before Christmas fans out there. This week, the company unveiled another new item inspired by the iconic Tim Burton film.

Now, fans can get their hands on a Jack Skellington and Sally-inspired mug just in time for the upcoming spooky season.

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Last month, Disney unveiled a new Oogie Boogie holiday stocking. Covered in burlap, the new item is perfect for hanging on the Christmas mantel or using for trick-or-treating.

ShopDisney is continuing to add to its Nightmare Before Christmas 2020 Halloween collection with an adorable new mug. The mug features a textured-looking design with Jack Skellington's face on one side. If you look closely, however, you'll see both Jack and Sally staring at each other in his eyes.

The other side of the mug says "Deadly Nightshade," the toxic herb Sally uses to poison Doctor Finkelstein with several times in the film. As well, the mug comes with its own slotted spoon. Sally uses a similar spoon to trick Doctor Finkelstein into believing she tasted the soup she laced with Deadly Nightshade.

The Nightmare Before Christmas mug is available at ShopDisney for $19.99.


[Photos via ShopDisney]

ShopDisney has launched various new mugs for its 2020 Halloween collection. Last week, the company released a cauldron-shaped Hocus Pocus mug reminiscent of the film's main character Max Dennison. The mug even comes with its own broomstick-shaped spoon.

As well, Funko recently expanded its Nightmare Before Christmas line with the launch of the highly-anticipated Advent calendar.

The Nightmare Before Christmas scene featuring Sally poisoning Doctor Finkelstein with Deadly Nightshade is available to watch below.

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