Disney+ just revealed some new details about what kind of content they will stream on the platform and what the schedule of releases will be like. 

The new information came from the company’s expo D23, which also brought the announcement of the upcoming movie release schedule through 2027. 

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A huge topic was Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which we know a little bit about. We know the service is planning reboots of Home Alone,  Night at the Museum, Cheaper By The Dozen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is only a fraction of what they have planned. More recently, they announced a Lizzie McGuire reboot and The Mandalorian. 

At the expo, Disney revealed that with its TV shows and series, it plans to release episodes on a weekly basis instead of all-at-once like Netflix. This makes the service more similar to traditional cable. 

The news came when High School Musical: The Musical: The Series creator Tim Federle revealed the new Disney+ series “would release its 10 episodes on a weekly basis” to TheWrap. Then, a spokesperson confirmed that all shows would follow that format. 

Another huge revelation made was that the service won’t contain any R-rated content. Reporter Eric Vespe asked if “Fox’s more adult fare (would) make it on to Disney+”. The company responded that all content would be PG-13 or softer. However, because Disney owns the majority of Hulu, the reporter says the adult content might end up there. 

The service plans to drop November 14.

More news

As previously stated, Disney just unveiled release dates for films through 2027. 

From a Bob’s Burgers movie to the four Avatar sequels, check out what Disney has planned for film releases below!

A schedule of premieres for Disney-produced films has been released, giving us plenty of incredible movies to look forward to all the way through 2027.

Two currently untitled Pixar films are on the list along with three new Star Wars movies set to drop in 2022, 2024 and 2026.

And for those who are eager for more Marvel movies following the events of Avengers: Endgame, you can expect two new Marvel movies per year between 2020-2022.

Check out the complete Disney release schedule below!

2019 Films
05/10/19: Tolkien (FSL)
05/24/19: Aladdin (DIS)
06/07/19: Dark Phoenix (FOX)
06/21/19: Toy Story 4 (DIS)
07/12/19: Stuber (FOX)
07/19/19: The Lion King (DIS)
08/09/19: The Art of Racing in the Rain (FOX)
08/23/19: Ready or Not (FSL)
09/20/19: Ad Astra (FOX)
10/04/19: The Woman in the Window (FOX)
10/18/19: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (DIS)
11/15/19: Ford v. Ferrari (FOX)
11/22/19: Frozen 2 (DIS)
12/20/19: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (DIS)
12/25/19: Spies in Disguise (FOX)

2020 Films
01/10/20: Underwater (FOX)
02/14/20: Untitled Kingsman Movie (FOX)
02/21/20: Call of the Wild (FOX)
03/06/20: Onward (DIS)
03/27/20: Mulan (DIS)
04/03/20: The New Mutants (FOX)
05/01/20: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
05/29/20: Artemis Fowl (DIS)
06/19/20: Untitled Pixar Animation (DIS)
07/03/20: Free Guy (FOX)
07/17/20: Bob’s Burgers (FOX)
07/24/20: Jungle Cruise (DIS)
08/14/20: The One and Only Ivan (DIS)
10/09/20: Death on the Nile (FOX)
11/06/20: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
11/25/20: Untitled Disney Animation (DIS)
12/18/20: West Side Story (FOX)
12/23/20: Cruella (DIS)

2021 Films
02/21/21: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
03/05/21: Nimona (FOX)
03/12/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
05/07/21: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
05/28/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
06/18/21: Untitled Pixar Animation (DIS)
07/09/21: Untitled Indiana Jones (DIS)
07/30/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
10/08/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
11/05/21: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
11/24/21: Untitled Disney Animation (DIS)
12/17/21: Avatar 2 (FOX)

2022 Films
02/18/22: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
03/18/22: Untitled Pixar (DIS)
05/06/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
06/17/22: Untitled Pixar (DIS)
07/08/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
07/29/22: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
10/07/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
11/04/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
11/23/22: Untitled Disney Animation (DIS)
12/16/22: Untitled Star Wars (DIS)

2023 Films
02/17/23: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
12/22/23: Avatar 3 (FOX)

2024 Films
12/20/24: Untitled Star Wars (DIS)

2025 Films
12/19/25: Avatar 4 (FOX)

2026 Films
12/18/26: Untitled Star Wars (DIS)

2027 Films
12/17/27: Avatar 5 (FOX)

What do you think of the news about Disney+? Sound off in the comments down below!

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