Disney just shared a first look at the live-action Dumbo movie, and we already can feel the tears coming.

Check out some pictures below!

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Comicbook.com reports an Disney unveiled an inside look at the film during CinemaCon on April 24 with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with actors Danny DeVito and Colin Farrel, as well as a glimpse of young Dumbo.

According to Disney EVP Cathleen Tiff, the upcoming movie will be different from the original. 

"We've expanded the story, taking that as a jumping off point for Dumbo's newest story," she said, according to reports from Comicbook.com.

The live action film will be directed by Tim Burton and hits the theaters on March 29, 2019.

Although the footage hasn't been released, someone took pictures of the shared footage. The images show the movie's logo and what young Dumbo will look like. Check them out below!

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