A video advertisement for Disturbed’s new album, Immortalized, which contained scenes of the band’s demon-like mascot opening fire in a robot-operated newsroom, has been pulled from all rotation, (via Loudwire). This comes following the tragic, on-air shootings of two television journalists near Roanoke, Virginia. 

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“The Disturbed ad was served via retargeting,” claimed Gupta Media, the company who had the ad placed. “Retargeting ads are matched to previous web-browsing behavior, so only a visitor who had interacted with Disturbed websites would be eligible to see this ad. The content of the video is irrelevant in this type of advertising because we know that they are Disturbed fans. There was no use of key words or any other kind of targeting for this particular ad.”

The clip contained scenes from Disturbed’s music video for “The Vengeful One”, which is still available for viewing on the band’s YouTube channel.  

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“The [mascot] basically plays the hand of God,” explained drummer Mike Wengren to USA Today. ”He sees the media and the world running amok, and he comes down to save everyone. He goes down and takes out the mind-controlling media.”