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As 2017 comes to a close, it's safe to say we've all accumulated another year's worth of great memories and concert tickets. While most people tend to hold on to their old ticket stubs as a momento from some of their favorite events, a lot of the time they end up shoved in your wallet or tossed in a drawer somewhere. We've compiled a list of 10 DIY ideas to make excellent use of those old ticket stubs while showing off your love of music.

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1. Create an accessory

ticket stub wallet

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Take those old stubs out of your wallet and turn them into one! Simply scan in your ticket stubs, print them out on poplin fabric and get to stitching. What's better than a new wallet full of old memories?

2. Make a scrapbook

ticket stub scrapbook

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Keep your ticket stubs all in one place by creating a scrapbook full of great nights and great music.

3. Create a shadowbox

ticket stub shadowbox

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Head to target, grab a shadowbox and make it your own with a personal touch. It's quick, easy and a great way to keep those stubs all in one place!

4. Make a keepsake journal

ticket stub keepsake journal

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Pair those stubs with some photos and any other keepsakes from concerts by placing them altogether in a keepsake journal.

5. Magnetize them

ticket stub magnet

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Super easy and convenient, slap those stubs on a magnet and place them on your fridge to admire every single day!

6. Design some wall art

ticket stub wall art

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Grab a canvas and get crafty with your ticket stubs by creating a badass piece of artwork to show off to everyone who comes over.

7. Give old furniture a pick-me-up

ticket stub table

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Turn that old desk or coffee table into something you can be proud of! With a little bit of polyurethane or plexiglass you'll have your old furniture looking like new.

8.  Fill a lamp

ticket stub lamp

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Ever wonder what those empty glass lamps were for? They're for putting ticket stubs in, obviously. 

9. Make a picture frame

ticket stub picture frame

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Looking for a unique frame for those special concert photos? Why not make one using those old ticket stubs and a simple, cheap frame?

10. Enlarge it!

ticket stub enlarged

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Have that one special ticket stub that means more to you than the rest? Why not take it to Staples and ask for the engineering enlargement? You'll end up with a final product roughly 13" x 36" that you can adhere to some plywood, spray with some mod podge then BOOM! A perfect centerpiece to your room.

What do you do with your old ticket stubs? Let us know in the comments below!