[Photos by: Mary Makes Good, mac85mc/InstagramJunk Gypsy/PBteen

So you bought a new, shiny guitar, and now your old one's sitting in the corner collecting dust. You've daydreamed of smashing it to bits in a fueled rage to your favorite hardcore song, but you just can't bring yourself to ruin your run-down favorite. Instead of throwing it away, why not upcycle it into something great? We've listed 10 ways to put that old guitar to use and create something that will rock your room.

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A shelf 

guitar shelf diy

[Photo by: Tastefully Eclectic

Following Tastefully Eclectic’s guide to building a guitar shelf, you can cut the front or back off an old acoustic to add some shelves to the hollow body. Add some rope lighting and your favorite band knick-knacks, and you have a great, new storage area for your wall.

A night-light lamp

DIY guitar night lamp

[Photo by: Mary Makes Good

Need some funky, new mood lighting in your room? This tutorial by Mary Makes Good will help you drill some holes and add a light into your old acoustic. Feel free to change the color of the bulb and paint the outside to get even more enjoyment out of your starry-night lamp.

A set of hooks

This is a good project if you want to use the guitar body for another craft and only have the guitar neck left over. Attach some hooks to the bottom of the fret board following Robert Fredenburg's video, and you have a new coat or key rack!

A storage table 

With this DIY idea, you can use your old guitar’s case to make a table. Simply add some legs to the base of the case, and you have a spacious surface that even has storage inside. If you need some help with the project, check out Instructables’ guide here.

A planter

guitar planter diy

[Photo by: Kitchen Guitars/Dishfuctional Designs

Show off your green thumb with a planter made from an old acoustic. Planting within the central circular opening allows an abundant amount of room for the roots to extend throughout the hollow body, or cut the guitar in half lengthways to plant the entire inside.