Fans of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina are starting the week off with some bittersweet news.

The first teaser for Part 4 of the Netflix series is finally here and we finally know when Sabrina Spellman and her coven of witches are returning for the new episodes. As well, Netflix has finally addressed the rumors that the show may not be leaving the streaming platform after all.

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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is ending Riverdale

Since the announcement, Netflix has not revealed why the series has been canceled. Some fans hoped that the streaming platform would have a change of heart, but it looks like that's not happening.

On Oct. 26, the first teaser for Part 4 of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina was released. In the new video, Netflix confirms that the episodes are arriving on Dec. 31. However, the words "final chapter" appear in the teaser, further confirming that the series is no longer staying with Netflix.

The teaser also reveals that Sabrina Spellman is back to defeat all of the Eldritch terrors. The coven must fight all of the terrifying threats in front of them in order to reach The End Of All Things (The Void). However, as the witches prepare for the battles ahead, Nick slowly begins to find his way back into Sabrina's heart after their tumultuous relationship in Part 3.

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Although Part 4 might be the end for Sabrina on Netflix, rumors are still swirling that the series could land on a new streaming platform in 2021. Back in July, reports emerged that Sabrina could be heading to HBO Max. Warner Bros. is currently using HBO Max to boost a lot of its content and since Sabrina is property of Warner Bros., a move to the streaming service makes sense.

However, fans shouldn’t expect an official announcement anytime soon. If the news is true, it’s likely no confirmation will be made until after Sabrina‘s final episodes air on Netflix on Dec. 31.

Do you think Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina should end with Part 4 or head to a new streaming service? Let us know in the comments below.