With Riot Fest coming up soon, the festival's staff and their dogs are getting as excited as fans are for the weekend in September. We caught up with some of the dogs of Riot Fest to ask what bands in this year's lineup they're most excited to see.

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Dodger (Ben Perlstein - Managing Editor, riotfest.org)

Can't wait to see: Pawbreaker

Molly (Dan Wade - Designer)

Can't wait to see: The Kongs, Gwoof

Mopsy (Erin Raymer - Director of Merchandising)

Can't wait to see: Queens of the Bone Age

Mavis (Heather West - Festival Publicist)

Can't wait to see: At the Dog Park, Growls From Above 1979

Scout (Katie Hovland - Marketing Director)

Can't wait to see: The Muttzingers

Ashland (Louie Mendocino - Manager Cobra Lounge/All Rise Brewing)

Can't wait to see: GWARrrrrrrr

Murphy and Hank (Maria Principe - Artist Relations)

Can't wait to see: Puppywise, Puppies of Rage

Mocha (Nick Athanasopoulos - Riot Fest Beverage)

Can't wait to see: Action Barkson

Meehow (Riot Mike - Founder, Luba Vasilik - Ticketing Director)

Can't wait to see: Fishbone, Woof-Tang Clan

Muriel (Twitter Guy - Social Media Director)

Can't wait to see: Taking Bark Sunday, Mighty Mighty Barktones

Riot Fest is September 15-17 in Chicago, and you can grab tickets here.

Who are you excited to see at Riot Fest? Let us know in the comments!