Is hardcore punk gunning for pop punk's place as the most complimentary music genre for pizza?

It sure looks that way, judging by this recent Facebook video of what appears to be a Domino's pizza delivery guy grabbing the mic at hardcore house show. Watch below as this multifaceted messenger delivers a whole lot more than hot pies.

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The video was uploaded Saturday and has since gained over 700,000 views and 17,000 shares, per Loudwire. The band playing in the clip is called Broadmoor, and the show was a "birthday celebration for a friend," according to

"Pizza man said fuck work," reads the video's short caption.

We have to say, we're mighty impressed with this Domino's driver's ability to effortlessly belt out harsh hardcore vocals. Presumably during a pizza run. Not to mention his smooth integration back into the mosh pit after he delivers the goods.

This might be even better than when Killswitch Engage's guitarist ate pizza onstage mid-set. (And, hey, while we have you here, did you know that pizza may be a healthier breakast food than cereal, according to one dietitian?)

It all just goes to show that you can't really judge a book by its cover, doesn't it? Who could have known that this uniformed pizza delivery man would be the hard-style rocker and mosher he ultimately made himself out to be?

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What do you think of this Domino's delivery guy that threw down on the mic at an underground hardcore gig? Is he the hero that we deserve, or the one we need right now? Sound off with your comments, down below, and let us know all of your thoughts on this hardcore 'za jam!

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